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Optional rules for Macho Women with Guns

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Rules sources marked as follows:
OR - original rules, MT - Matt's rules, TM - The Mav's rules, MM - both Matt and Mav, SG - special guests!
Character class abbreviations:
MW - Macho Women, RN - Renegade Nuns, BB - Bat-winged Bimbos
BP - Barbarian Princesses, CC - Cyber-Clones, ML - Macho Librarians
Macho Librarian Departments:
AD - Administration, AV - Audio-Visual, BM - Bookmobile
CH - Childrens, CI - Circulation, RF - Reference, TS - Technical Services

This list of characteristics for your Macho Women with Guns characters includes a complete reference listing of the original skills along with our new skills and the rules for them. Enjoy!


FORMAT: Skill (Source) - Permissible Characters

Beat Things with Whip (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Blow Things Up (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML
Cavort About (OR) - MW, BB, BP, CC, ML
Combat Genuflection (OR) - RN

    Climb Things (MT) - CC

    Attribute: Dexterity
    Cyber-Clones may use this skill to scale sheer walls, mountains, trees, etc. If they fail their Dexterity roll they usually make it about halfway up before falling off. Or they make it all the way up only to discover that some redneck was looking up their skirt the whole time. Climbing is at half movement rate and damage from a fall is completely arbitrary and hilarious.
Demonic Giggle (OR) - BB
Disgust Onlookers (OR) - MW, BB, ML
Distort Reality (OR) - BB
Do Technical Stuff (OR) - MW, RN, CC, ML/TS
Dodge Responsibility (OR) - BB
Drive Things (OR) - RN, ML/BM
Fly Things (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Gambling (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Grab Stuff (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Grease Monkey (TM) - RN, ML/BM

    Attribute: Dexterity
    After a character spends one combat turn under the hood of a vehicle, on a successful roll she can accomplish either of the following:
  • Restore a non-operational vehicle to running condition no matter how badly damaged, or
  • Start a vehicle without the keys.
  • Modifiers to the chance of success are:
    Vehicle is a Yugo -3 (cumulative)
    Vehicle is badly damaged -3
    Vehicle is very badly damaged -5
    Vehicle is a burning, crushed hulk -8
Hit Things (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Hit Things Really Hard (MT) - CC

    Attribute: Dexterity
    This Cyber-Clone skill represents their Kung-Fu training. It does not require Hit Things. In fact, only a Bat-winged Bimbo would be stupid enough to pay for the Hit Things skill as well as Hit Things Really Hard, and a character cannot have both. A successful attack does double normal strength-based damage and can be lethal.

    Hit Things Twice (MT) - CC, BP

    Attribute: Dexterity
    Usable only in hand-to-hand combat. Each level of this skill offsets one point of the -3 penalty on second attacks. The penalty may never be increased to a positive modifier therefore most savvy characters will not purchase this skill above level 3. But you are free to do so...
Hit Things with Other Things (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Interrogate (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Know It All (TM) - ML

    Attribute: Intelligence
    This character is always able to come up with unimportant trivia and occasionally, on a successful Intelligence roll, will come up with vital information, recognize an unusual item or symbol, identify a foreign language or dialect, etc.

    Know Weak Spot (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Attribute: Macho
    Successful use of this skill allows a character to size up any adversary and find his Achilles heel or glass jaw (physical or mental.) For example, you can tell by looking at a guy if he's a shoe fetishist and use that to your advantage. Half the amount by which you make this roll applies to Seduce Creature, Proselytize and Interrogate rolls. If used successfully in combat (using this skill is an action), the character inflicts extra dice of damage equal to half the amount rolled under the required roll.
      EXAMPLE- Rita Good Buch, Macho Librarian, has a Macho of 11 and a +1 in this skill. In combat against a Book-burning Nazi she tries to go for his Weak Spot. She needs a 13 and rolls 8 which leads her to kick the Nazi between the legs. Since she is 5 under the required roll, she does 2 1/2 extra dice of damage.
Patch Things Up (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Perform Anatomically Impossible Feat (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Pray Like Hell (OR) - RN
Pretend and Lie (OR) - MW, BB, CC, ML
Proselytize (OR) - RN

    Recruit Follower (MT) - BP

    Attribute: Looks
    A skill unique to Barbarian Princesses allows them to "locate" willing hench-people in any group of non-enemy folk. A number of people equal to the amount by which the roll is made will drop whatever they are doing and do something for the Princess. How far they are willing to go in their devotion is determined by using the chart for Demonic Giggle.
Run in High Heels (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Seduce Creature (OR) - MW, BB, BP, CC, ML
Shoot Big Guns (OR) - MW, RN, BB, ML
Shoot Little Guns (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML

    Shoot Two Guns (TM) - MW, RN, CC, ML

    Attribute: Dexterity
    Allows the character to engage in two-fisted combat by firing two pistols at the same time, one in each hand (characters with one hand need not apply.) This skill must be purchased at a minimum level of +2. Although normally both guns must be fired at the same target, a character with a skill level of +5 or greater may fire each gun at a different target with a -2 modifier to the chance of success. Also known as the "John Woo Skill."
Sneak Around (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML
Spot Obvious (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Submission Hold (MT)- MW, RN, BB, CC, BP, ML

    Attribute: Strength
    A character with this skill can slap another humanoid into any specified wrestling hold after making a succesful Grab Stuff roll (note that the player MUST be able to name the move, and preferably perform it on the GM!) The amount by which the character makes the roll is called the Submission Hold Modifier. This modifier is subtracted from the opponent's Strength and from any rolls rolls the opponent may try to make. For each successive round that the hold is maintained, the Submission Hold Modifier is subtracted from the opponent's Strength. If the opponent's Strength reaches zero or less, the opponent is out cold. Once an opponent awakens or escapes from the hold, Strength returns to normal. Any Interrogation rolls made against the person held receive a bonus equal to the current Submission Hold Modifier.
Swearing (OR) - MW, BB, ML
Swinging (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Take Charge (TM) - ML/AD

    Attribute: Macho
    Since it comes naturally to this character to order people around, and because she has a lot of experience doing it, she can attempt to order another person to perform an action. Only one attempt may be made on a given target character or non-hostile NPC during a given adventure. Note that due to the often uncontrollable nature of this skill, the GM may determine that it has been inadvertently attempted based upon the character's actions (i.e. "Could you get me a cold one... ooops!") The skill is successfully invoked by making a Macho roll. Also, for the order to be successfully carried out it must be correspondingly phrased to the target's "mental capacity."
Take It On the Chin (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Throw Things (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Tie Things Down (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Work With Kids (TM) - ML/CH

    Attribute: Macho
    Although the typical Macho Woman (having been raised by wolves, bears, etc.) has little contact with or knowledge of children, characters with this skill will be able to calm, control, and communicate with youngsters of any age met during an adventure. The extent of the compliance will depend on the success of the Macho roll.


FORMAT: Advantage, Point Cost (Source) - Permissible Characters

    Ambiguous Relationship, 5 (SG) - MW, BP

    The character has a... um... well...Let's call her a "friend" who follows her around, cooks, cleans, does recon, helps bathe the character, and other mundane tasks. This cute girl, usually in her teens or early twenties is very loyal to the character in question. Very loyal. Loyal enough to cause others to wonder about the true nature of the relationship. The "friend" has enough charm and/or fighting ability to protect her from the various unnamed scrubs that surround her, but is no match for a real enemy, and can sometimes prove to be a disadvantage, requiring the character to defend or rescue her. This advantage cannot not be mixed with the Hardwired disadvantage, as this would cause the relationship to be much less ambiguous. A Hardwired woman must actively seduce other Hardwired women to get what they want, just as most Macho Women seduce men. A special guest submission by Brian A. Rogers
      Special congratulations go out to Brian as he is the first to submit an Advantage that your esteemed MWWG web page administrators deemed worthy of inclusion here. Of course, it was also the first submission that we've ever received... And don't think we didn't notice that you gave it a name that would appear at the top of the list, Brian -- we're feverishly working on a new Aardvark Advantage that will get us back on top!

    Artificial Limb, 10 (MT) - MW, CC

    Like Jamie Summers (Ed. - The Bionic Woman), for the cost of ten points a character can have any one limb replaced with a cool cyberpunk attachment. The new limb will have an automatic +1 armor, do an extra die of strength damage on a hit, and can pack assorted neat-o gizmos that don't upset the GM too much. Of course they do lack feeling, can freak out onlookers, and occasionally go haywire.
Bat Wings, 3 (OR) - BB

    Built-in Weapon, 5 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML

    A less ambitious version of Artificial Limb, this advantage allows any little weapon of the player's choice (provided the character can find and acquire it) to be attached to her body in some neat way. Judiciously placed, this weapon can be fired independently of any other hand-held weapons but at a -3 on the roll. Combined with an Artificial Limb, a Built-in Weapon is automatically concealed. Reloading can be a problem though.
Cellular Phone, 5 (OR) - RN
Crack of Doom, 5 (OR) - BB

    Cyber Pet, 10 (MT) - CC

    The new rage from Japan. These cute little critters come in hand-held LCD packages, but at the press of a button they grow to full size and are just as useful and vicious as a 'real' pet. Like a living animal their characteristics and abilities must be purchased, but Cyber Pets get a bonus of 10 points to start with. On the other hand they require incessant care, especailly while in thier 'toy' stage, and if an electronic feeding or play session is missed (these will invariably happen at awkward times) they tend to die, or at least get cranky. Damage they take can only be healed by successful Do Technical Stuff rolls.

    Deflect Bullets, 20 (MT) - BP

    Yes, just like Wonder Woman, this advantage requires some hefty trinkets (bracelets, a shield, a sword) in order to work. It allows a Barbarian Princess to deflect bullets using a Hit Things or Hit Things with Other Things roll. On a roll of 3 or 4 she is able to aim the deflected bullet. Undoubtedly worth the twenty points!
Endless Ammo, 20 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, ML
Evil Powers, varies (OR) - BB
Extra Life, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Fast Draw, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML
Flame Touch, varies (OR) - BB
Fire Retardant Soul, varies (OR) - BB
God's Mighty Anvil, 10 (OR) - RN
Handbag of Holding, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Hard Drinking, 5 (OR) - MW, BP, ML
Hotline, 5 (OR) - BB
Infrared Vision, 3 (OR) - BB, CC
Look Good in Armor, varies (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Mutant Ability, varies (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC
Pet, 10+ (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, ML

    Play Dead, 5 (MT) - CC

    Cyber-Clones can be trained to control their bodies, regulating heartbeat, temperature, and so on. By doing so they may feign death, put themselves into short-term suspended animation, etc. Why they might want to do this is, at the moment, beyond me.
Plastic Surgeon on Retainer, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML
Press-on Claws, 3 (OR) - BB
Pure of Heart, 5 (OR) - RN

    Run (or Fly) Like Hell, varies (MT) - MW, BB, BP, CC, ML

    For each point spent on this advantage a character may increase her base movement by one. Using "like hell" locomotion takes a lot of effort though and causes one health point of non-lethal damage for every consecutive turn it is maintained after the first.
Sainthood, varies (OR) - RN

    Scream for Help, 10 (MT) - BB, BP

    Otherwise known as having friends in high or low places (as the case may be.) A Bat-winged Bimbo or Barbarian Princess can use this ability to summon 1d6 lesser minions, regardless of where the hell they are. It will take 1d6 turns for the minions to arrive. Bimbos summon minor drooling demons even stupider than themselves. The demons have a base 12 in all relevant attributes and a random ability rolled on critter special ability table #2. Barbarian Princesses are able to locate worshippers with a base 12 in all attributes and an ability rolled on critter special ability table #1.
Scriptwriter, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Shhhhh!, 5 (MM) - ML

    This character has the ability to instantly silence another person when she does all of the following: say "Shhhhh!", make a stern face, and make a successful Macho roll. Modifiers to the chance of success are:
    Target is Boyfriend of another character +3
    Target is character's Boyfriend -3
    Target is teenager -3
    Target is Bat-winged Bimbo -5
    Target is politician or lawyer -10 (try as you might...)

    Supercool, 5 (MT) - MW, CC

    For five measly points a Macho Woman or Cyber-Clone can be just so slick, so suave, and/or so good-looking that any potentially-neutral opponent must make a Macho roll in order to attack her. This advantage also confers general unfair treatment, but you have to kiss up to the GM to get it. (Note that while it may be cool to be a Barbarian, Librarian, Libarbarian, Bimbo, or Nun, it can't be Supercool.)

    Superior Airs, 10 (TM) - ML/RF

    This character projects an overwhelming air of confidence and knowledge (whether or not justified.) Can convince another that any fact is true as follows:
  • For NPC's, on a 1 in 6 chance.
  • For other characters, by making a successful Intelligence roll (and, if the target is a Macho Librarian, only if the target fails an Intelligence roll.)
  • For the GM, by supplying sufficient cash.
Teflon Skin, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Time Delay, 10 (OR) - RN, BB
Ultraviolet Vision, varies (OR) - BB
Vampirism, 10 (OR) - BB

    Weathergirl, 5 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Probably worth the five points. Like a TV weathergirl, the character has a fifty-fifty chance of foretelling something about the future, usually in an unbidden flash. If she concentrates on a particular question she is guaranteed to foretell something, but it is only right 1 in 6 times.
Winged Wimple, 5 (OR) - RN


FORMAT: Disdvantage, Point Bonus (Source) - Permissible Characters

Alien Babe, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Awful Family, 5 (MT) - MW, BP, ML

    This disadvantage curses the character with a hideous, embarrassing, squabbling group of relatives who make unfortunate demands and generally cause trouble. Barbarian Princesses have typical royal lineages complete with inbred uncles. This disadvantage can also be combined with the Boyfriend disadvantage to create nasty in-laws. And no, you can't kill them...
Backslider, 10 (OR) - RN
Bad to the Bone, 5 (OR) - BB
Balancing Priorities, 10 (OR) - MW, BP, ML
Bimbo, 10 (OR) - BB

    Bimbo Librarian, 20 (TM) - ML

    This character represents the rare anomaly of a librarian with more looks than brains. (Don't get me wrong, there are some great looking librarians out there... they are just extraordinarily smart as well.) Characters who select this disadvantage must swap the values of their Looks and Intelligence attributes and forfeit the Macho Librarian ability to make a "Brains Over Beauty" Intelligence roll after failing a Looks roll.

    Book Collector, 10 (TM) - ML

    Collects books of all types. This character has an extensive personal library and will take every advantage to acquire new books no matter how inconvenient a hindrance to the mission at hand. This character might be diverted by stealing from a bookstore, browsing in the book aisle at the supermarket, or making a "quick trip" back home to drop off her latest acquisitions.

    Boyfriend, 10 (MT) - MW, BB, BP, CC, ML

    In the life of a Macho Woman a boyfriend can be a terrible liability (fortunately for Renegade Nuns their orders prohibit them from having any.) Boyfriends show up at inopportune moments wanting attention; they embarrass you in front of your Macho Women friends and they often need rescuing or protecting. You may be getting laid, but it's still enough of a nuisance to be worth ten points. Should your Boyfriend die (you should be so lucky), this disadvantage will have to be converted into another ten point disadvantage. Depressed or Hyperactive Hormones should fit the bill. Or perhaps you are blamed for his death making you an Outlaw. SEE rules for NPC Boyfriends.
Chafing, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Conservative Dresser, 20 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC, ML
Depression, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Embarrassing Habit, 5 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Think along the following lines. Your character has: a predilection for chocolate ice cream that leads her into trouble, a stack of Playgirl magazines that must be defended, a preference for inconvenient baby-doll dresses that elicit scorn and abuse from hard- cases, a disgusting propensity for talking with her mouth full that reduces her Looks at the dinner table, etc. Anything the player thinks of and can convince the GM is worth five points. (For Renegade Nuns an embarrassing habit might be one with paisleys.)
Fairness, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML
Hardwired, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Hyperactive Hormones, 10 (MT) - MW, BB, ML

    A misguided character with this disadvantage has figured out a use for men other than target practice. She tends to prolong their deaths, or make slaves out of them, to get what use she can from the pitiful creatures. In fact, she must make a Macho roll to kill the good- looking ones at all. Worse still, as a result of her affliction, she will act irrationally: even looking for men! In the periods between men, kitchen appliances and other utensils will have to do (something embarrassing will have to be included in her survival kit.) The longer she goes without "action", the more this woman must complain loud and annoyingly. If she has a Boyfriend, the character will annoy her comrades in other ways.

    Inverse Skill, 3 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    This disadvantage opens the door for a little more fun and leeway in creating a character. Subject to GM approval, it allows a player to choose any (relevant) skill and declare "I'm no good at that." The character gains three points and insures that any time she attempts to perform a particular action the results will be disastrous and hilarious. Some examples of an Inverse Skill might be: "Throws like a Boy," "REALLY bad with Children" and "Can't Drive for Shit." While Inverse Skills can't be taken at multiple levels the way skills can, a player may be awarded extra points if she elects to suck at something particularly essential - like shooting or walking.

    Loves to Read, 10 (TM) - ML

    Awed by her own Intelligence, and eager to show-off for her friends, this woman will do so by spontaneously deciding to read *aloud* just about anything and everything in plain view, usually at the most inopportune times. For example, this character might stop in the midst of combat to recite the slogan on a billboard, start reading the label on a 50 gallon drum while trying to quietly sneak up on an enemy hideout, etc.
Mutant Disadvantage, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, CC

    Mysterious Programming, 10 (MT) - CC

    Although the Cyber-Clones rejected control, their subconscious minds may still carry certain commands that they must act upon compulsively. Triggered by a secret and everyday command word, a particular situation, or sight (determined by the GM in advance), the Cyber-Clone swings into action, screwing things up royally by assassinating the key political figures, stealing crown jewels, etc. (anything liable to cause ten points worth of trouble for the character and her group.)

    Nasty War Syndrome, 10 (MT) - MW, RN, BP, CC, ML

    A character with this disadvantage has seen some pretty terrible action overseas on the front lines when things started to go kablooey (or before then.) Whatever. When combat threatens there is a 1 in 6 chance that she will start screaming "Die you *?@#** (insert noun)!!" and immediately open fire thus spoiling any potential for negotiation. In this battle-frenzied state she will hose down anything nearby, friend or foe. Battle frenzy may go away each turn on the same roll. Even when not in battle the character remains slightly "unhinged," liable to take potshots at young children and tell boring stories about "the war."
Non-Intellect, 20 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC

    Obsessive Quest, 10 (MT) - RN, BB, BP

    Whether it be protecting the world from Communism or ridding it of fast-food chains, some overriding purpose dominates the mind of the character who chooses this disadvantage. At every opportunity the player (or GM) must find a way to interpret events according to the character's obsession, and no adventure is complete without a time- wasting, costly, and (needless to say) violent attempt to further the quest. Barbarian Princesses are invariably looking for the lost homeland or trying to regain honor before being allowed to reclaim their royal status.

    Outlaw, 10/15/20 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    It is possible to buy multiple levels of this disadvantage, representing the degree to which the character is despised and hunted. At each level the character must add one heinous crime she is guilty (or accused) of and one major organization that is after her. Examples of the latter can include the Vatican, Hell, Neo-Nazis, KKK, U.S. Underground Secret Police, the Men in Black, and so on. A maximum of three levels of this disadvantage may be taken.

    Overdeveloped Parental Complex, 5 (TM) - ML/CH

    After years of working only with children, this character reacts to stressful situations by falling back on old habits and treating adults like children. This character will drive others up the wall with corrections, scolding, and lectures. If things get really out of hand, she might stoop to telling someone to stand in the corner or take a nap.

    Perpetual Whisperer, 10 (TM) - ML

    After spending years speaking in hushed tones at the Library, this woman can no longer muster a normal speaking voice let alone a shout. It will be difficult for other characters to hear or understand her when there is any sort of background noise. In situations involving long distances or very loud noises (i.e. a gunfight) the character will be inaudible even over a radio, bullhorn, etc.
Personal Weakness, 10 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Physical Disability, varies (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    The number of points this disadvantage is worth varies depending on how severe the liability. A stutter, for instance, may be endearing but it makes it difficult to communicate at crucial moments and is worth five points. An eye patch looks cool as hell but screws up your peripheral vision and should be worth ten points. A missing arm can be a real bitch and is worth twenty points. (Having an artificial limb negates this disadvantage, of course.) Only a Renegade Nun with a serious set of wheels could survive having no legs, and if she's fool enough to try, it's worth thirty points. Gruesome diseases should also be considered, as well as ridiculous tics.

    Prudish, 20 (MM) - RN, ML

    A character with this disadvantage (often found in conjunction with Ultra-Conservative Dresser) can barely stand to associate with unsavory types (like Macho Women, Bat-Winged Bimbos, etc.) She must burn objectionable books (unless an ML), lecture colleagues about their behavior, and do her best to come between any couples she encounters. Her standards must adhere in every way to those found in the Handbook for a Moral America. Although the 20 point bonus is generous, this is because a character with this disadvantage will generally have to be killed during the initial 'armament' stage of an adventure just so things can get under way.
Sadistic, 5 (OR) - MW, ML
Secret Love, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    Significant Birthmark, 5 (MT) - MW, RN, BB, BP, CC, ML

    The character is stuck with a map of Cuba on her shoulder, the shape of a banana on her ass, etc. Visible birthmarks need not be extreme but must always lead to being mistaken for the next savior, the "sacrifice we've been awaiting for millennia", etc. Non-visible birthmarks are only worth five points if they affect the character: containing some hidden clue about her destiny, a mystic symbol, etc. (that sort of garbage.) Also known as "the Gorby."
Squeamish, 5 (OR) - BB
Status-conscious, 5 (OR) - MW, BB, ML

    Sunday Driver, 10 (TM) - ML/BM

    Although this character is likely a skilled veteran of the roads, she has a hard time getting into second gear. Will always travel at a leisurely pace blissfully unaware of traffic signals, merging traffic, and incoming fire. Unless prevented by sufficient physical force, this character will invariably be the one to drive whenever the group travels by vehicle (even if using a taxi or public bus!) If two people in your group have this disadvantage, you better walk!
Topheavy, 5 (OR) - MW, RN, BB, BP, ML

    Ultra-Conservative Dresser, 20 (TM) - ML

    Forget today's fashions. This character sticks to strictly to frumpy dresses, pantyhose, bee-hive hairdos and any other fashion styles appropriately out of date. Will not wear armor of any type. Dresses just about the same for all occasions and causes other people to wonder if she has more than two or three sets of clothes.
Vengeful, 5 (OR) - BB
Vow of Silence, 10 (OR) - RN
Vow of Violence, 10 (OR) - RN

Yeah, baby, YEAH!

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