MWWG Boyfriends

I said I was the `macho-ist', not the `masochist'!
"If he drops me again, I'll have to shoot him!"

Optional rules for Macho Women with Guns

Boyfriend Disadvantage NPC variant created by Matt

The majority of men in the MWWG universe are either simpering morons or twisted thugs, either fit mainly for beating or shooting. While there are undoubtedly decent men out there somewhere, the characters' interactions with the "good ones" should be kept at a minimum. Still, the name of the game is Macho Women with Guns, not Macho Lesbians with Guns (a future variant?), so sometimes Boys are necessary. (Except for Renegade Nuns, of course, unless they are members of a very liberal order such as Our Ladies of Love 'em and Leave 'em.)

Most Macho Women are celibate, and that's a good choice. Bat-Winged Bimbos have perfected the one-night stand, and can be counted on to forget your phone number anyway. But for one reason or another, a character might get saddled with a Boy during play, either by starting out with one as a Boyfriend disadvantage or, worse still, actually picking one up along the way and keeping him!

All Boys have no starting points and do not get experience, though they can drop some attributes to raise others, and may have a disadvantage or two in order to pick up a few measly skills, like Patch Things Up.

Boyfriends are one of three basic types:
  • Sensitive Artist
  • Macho Woman Wannabe
  • Youg Turk with an Ego

A description of each of the three types follows. Each Boy should have his own distinct personality (within the confines of these descriptions, of course.) However, a boyfriend's personality should be as shallow as possible.

Sensitive Artist

I'm shouting but I don't know why!

    Generally the type most attractive to a Macho Women, and for that reason other characters may be secretly jealous of this Boyfriend. But he's still a pain. He's sulky, needy, and disapproving of the carnage caused by his girlfriend. Every now and then he may deliver a lecture, or at least whine about the inalienable rights of others, and he may need to be protected from the other women. Since he can't defend himself by any means other than whining, he may need to be protected from inanimate objects as well.

Macho Woman Wannabe

I wanna be your superdork.

    Wishes he were as tough and cool as the chicks with guns he idolizes. Many a night he has sat in the front window, watching them storm by on their Harleys, thrilling to ride with the pack. If he gets the chance, by becoming a Boyfriend, he will strive endlessly to impress his lady and her pals, and he will always screw up because, of course, he's no Macho Woman and can never cut the mustard. Expect this guy to start shooting at all the wrong moments, frequently in the wrong direction.

Young Turk with an Ego


    Always dresses like somebody you would meet at a dance club, and that's probably where you met him. He calls everybody "Baby." He will get on a lot of nerves, but you can't shoot him (primarily because you would lose ten points.) Also, these self-confident young jerks are frequently the sons of important people: fabulously rich bankers, oil magnates, maybe the chief of police. Where do you think the attitude came from anyway?

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