A Game of Interstellar Raiding and Plunder
© 1981, © Reaper Miniatures

Game Design and Development: Arnold Hendrick.
Graphics Design: David Helber and Arnold Hendrick. Typography: Jim Bannon. Cover Painting: Bob Depew.

Raiding vessels sweep across the star systems to loot glittering worlds. In system after system, dark cruisers materialize from hyperspace, launching a cloud of fighters to vaporize the local in-system patrol boats -- then comes the savage plunder of whole planets by powersuited raiding parties and grav-armor detachments.

Scattered thinly across the Outrim sector, the frigates of the Federate squadron desperately deploy, attempting to weld the undermanned planetary defenses and low-tech local militias into a cohesive force capable of resisting the star-born horror from beyond the rim -- the coming of the STAR VIKINGS.

STAR VIKING is a game of interstellar raiding and plunder for two players. Using a unique system of 12 mapboard tiles to represent the various star systems in the Outrim sector, it captures the tense uncertainty and the sudden, flashing battles of an interstellar war. Units represented include Viking cruisers, sloops, and fighters. Federate and local frigates, battle-cruisers, and patrol boats, as well as raiding detachments, security forces, grav-armor units, specialized warfare pods, and conventional low-tech armed forces ranging from atmospheric aircraft to stone-age hordes.

STAR VIKING contains -- Twelve 3"x4" full-color cardboard playing tiles, 154 full-color counters, a die, and a complete instruction folder.

PLAY LEVEL - Intermediate.

"Star Viking is a well conceived and attractive game. The situation is interesting."
- Tony Watson in Dragon #57.

"I give Star Viking a qualified recommendation ... you may want to rewrite a lot
of the rules to suit yourself." - Steve Jackson in The Space Gamer #46.

"The ratio of cost to the hours of enjoyment I have already had with this game is better than
most of my other games." - Ken McMillen in Campaign #107.

"Although the title and concept may bring back memories of an H. Beam Piper novel, a re-reading of Piper will reveal that Star Viking is quite different." - Arnold Hendrick in The Space Gamer #49.

12 cardboard map tiles 154 die-cut counters
1 24 page rulebook 2 charts and tables sheets
2 six-sided dice

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BoardGameGeek page for Star Viking
Aid de Camp 2 gameset file
Bio sheet for designer Arnold Hendrick
Variants to balance the game
Map and Movement Analysis

Magazine Issue Date Title (Subject) Author
The Space Gamer #46 Dec 1981 "Capsule Reviews" Steve Jackson
Ares #12 Jan 1982 "Games" (review) Steve List
Dragon #57 Jan 1982 "A lot from a little" (review) Tony Watson
Campaign #107 Jan-Feb 1982 "Thumbnail Analysis" (review) Ken McMillen
The Space Gamer #49 Mar 1982 "Designer's Notes" Arnold Hendrick

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Rules Map Tiles
* Complete 841k pdf file * 6 map tiles 1370k jpeg image
Complete 3348k Word doc * 6 map tiles 1601k jpeg image
Page 1 258k jpeg image
Pages 2-3 473k jpeg image Counters
Pages 4-5 487k jpeg image * Complete 848k jpeg image
Pages 6-7 435k jpeg image
Pages 8-9 498k jpeg image Charts and Tables
Pages 10-11 496k jpeg image * Chart 1 209k jpeg image
Pages 12-13 480k jpeg image * Chart 2 274k jpeg image
Pages 14-15 495k jpeg image
Pages 16-17 507k jpeg image
Pages 18-19 491k jpeg image
Pages 20-21 490k jpeg image
Pages 22-23 475k jpeg image
Page 24 256k jpeg image

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