A Game of Armored Combat on Far-Flung Planets
© 1982, © Reaper Miniatures

Designed and developed by Arnold Hendrick.
Graphic Design: David Helber, with Tom Maxwell. Cover Art: Bob Depew.

In the 31st century, the silence is deafening as the tanks sweep into action on noiseless gravitic drives. Heavy armored vehicles streak through the stratosphere at supersonic speeds, dropping into the battlezone to support power-armored infantry with their gatling lasers. Medium grav tanks skim the ground at 500 kph, hurling mag-bolts at concealed targets 50 km distant. Here and there, light grav-tanks leave their covering terrain to pop up into the air, discharging their deadly particle beams at the advancing troopers, their multi-barrel phalanx turrets spraying the air with small projectiles to foil incoming missiles.

This is the warfare of the future. This is GRAV ARMOR!

GRAV ARMOR is a fast-moving game of future armored warfare for 2 players. It realistically simulates the high-speed, high casualty combat between streaking gravitic vehicles, surface-effects craft, supersonic fighters, orbital dropships and power-suited infantry. The modular map sections allow scenarios to be played on radically different types of planets (earthlike, molten, frozen or airless).

GRAV ARMOR contains -- Six 4"x7" full-color map modules, 154 full-color counters, two dice, and complete rules booklet with 5 scenarios.

PLAY LEVEL - Introductory/Intermediate

"Grav Armor is not a particularly innovative game, but it is certainly solid, well thought out,
and quite playable." - Tony Watson in Dragon #73.

"Despite these glitches, the game works, and it works well." - John Rankin in The Space Gamer #55.

"Grav Armor acquired the nickname of 'PanzerBlitz goes to the future'."
- Arnold Hendrick in The Space Gamer #55.

6 cardboard map sections 154 die-cut counters
1 24 page rulebook 1 charts and tables sheet
2 six-sided dice

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BoardGameGeek page for Grav Armor
Cyberboard gamebox file
Aid de Camp 2 gameset file
(see files below for update)
Bio sheet for designer Arnold Hendrick
Scenario - Cat Among the Pigeons
Terrain Chart Analysis

Magazine Issue Date Title (Subject) Author
The Space Gamer #55 Sep 1982 "Featured Review" John Rankin
The Space Gamer #55 Sep 1982 "Designer's Notebook" Arnold Hendrick
The Space Gamer #59 Jan 1983 "Grav Armor + 3" (scenarios) Tony Watson
Dragon #73 May 1983 "A game to give tanks for" (review) Tony Watson
The Space Gamer #65 Sep-Oct 1983 "Murphy's Rules" (humor) Ben Sargent

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Download ZIP of all recommended game files
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(Except for the scenarios, on pages 14 to 22 of the rules.)
Thanks to Ron Shirtz, we now have a "remastered" counter sheet - download the jpeg below!
Thanks to Markus Stumptner for the scenario specific maps!

Rules Maps
* Complete 416k pdf file * Map 1 550k jpeg image
Complete 1051k Word doc * Maps 2-3 945k jpeg image
Page 1 285k jpeg image * Map 4 633k jpeg image
Pages 2-3 505k jpeg image * Maps 5-6 1042k jpeg image
Pages 4-5 482k jpeg image
Pages 6-7 580k jpeg image Counters
Pages 8-9 544k jpeg image Complete 1110k jpeg image
Pages 10-11 528k jpeg image
Pages 12-13 492k jpeg image Charts and Tables
Pages 14-15 412k jpeg image * Chart 1 306k jpeg image
Pages 16-17 386k jpeg image
Pages 18-19 377k jpeg image Remastered Counters
Pages 20-21 383k jpeg image * Complete 1434k jpeg image
Pages 22-23 452k jpeg image
Pages 22-23 452k jpeg image Aid de Camp 2 Gameset
Updated 141k zip file

The Stumptner Files - Scenario Specific Maps
Download all in ZIP format (10 MB)
Scenario 2 - Volcanic Planet Scenario 3 - Ice Planet
Map 1 552k jpeg image Map 1 650k jpeg image
Maps 2-3 993k jpeg image Maps 2-3 1103k jpeg image
Map 4 640k jpeg image Map 4 695k jpeg image
Maps 5-6 1057k jpeg image Maps 5-6 1201k jpeg image
Scenario 4 - Arid Planet
Map 1 711k jpeg image
Maps 2-3 1167k jpeg image
Map 4 745k jpeg image
Maps 5-6 1196k jpeg image

Custom Scenarios
Scenarios by Allan Rothberg
AR Scenario 1 66k pdf file AR Scenario 1 45k Word doc
AR Scenario 2 73k pdf file AR Scenario 2 46k Word doc

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