A Complete Programmed Adventure For One Player
© 1982, © Dennis Sustare

Design: B. Dennis Sustare.
Graphics Design: David Helber. Map Art: Tom Maxwell. Cover Painting: Bob Depew. Edited by Arnold Hendrick.

Life is tough for the starship-era soldier of fortune. Hyper-jumping from one system to the next with a contraband cargo of drugs, weapons, robotics or anything that will turn a quick Sec-- with an occasional planet-side stint of industrial spying or dirty tricks. Duke Springer knows all the tricks, dirty or otherwise -- all the seedy spaceport bars, the glittering gambling areas, the hard-up colonies where they don't ask too many questions, the names of a thousand corrupt bureaucrats on a hundred backwater planets. Duke Springer has to; he lives his life one jump ahead of the Enforcers. He knows you've got to be quick, or you end up dead. That's the way it is when you're a STAR SMUGGLER.

STAR SMUGGLER is a solitaire game of tense adventure in the far future. No opponent is necessary, as the Event Booklet takes you through a pre-programmed sequence of encounters which is different each time you play the game. For each event, you, as star smuggler Duke Springer must make the decisions which will make you huge profits -- or may cost you your life.

STAR SMUGGLER contains -- Twelve 4"x3Ĺ" full-color mapboard tiles, four full-color counters, a rules booklet, events booklet and gaming dice.

"The best of the science fiction space trading games." - Rick Swan in Wargamer Volume 2, #19.

"Itís challenging, remarkably complete, and fills the need for a programmed adventure in the science-fiction vein.
There are, however, a few problems." - Tony Watson in Dragon #66.

"The mechanics of play are rather simple, but they get cumbersome." - Steve List in The Space Gamer #60.

"Duke" Springer
Star Smuggler
Antelope Class

12 cardboard map tiles 4 box-flap counters
1 48 page rulebook 1 48 page events book
2 six-sided dice

Skimmer Hopper Class
Ship's Boat

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BoardGameGeek page for Star Smuggler
Brief mention of planned 1980s computer version

Magazine Issue Date Title (Subject) Author
Dragon #66 Oct 1982 "Go it alone with Star Smuggler" (review) Tony Watson
The Space Gamer #60 Feb 1983 "Capsule Reviews" Steve List
Wargamer Vol. 2, #19 Mar-Apr 1990 "A Connoisseur's Guide to Solitaire Games" (mentioned) Rick Swan

Note: The download files incorporate these changes
as they were created from the second edition.
Due to an unfortunate error, "base price amount" appeared after
many paragraph titles, instead of the actual base price value.
If you have a first printing booklet that omits these values,
please note them in your rules booklet:
r318 Base Price 20 S. r333 Base Price 2d6 x 100 S.
r319Base Price 25 S. r334Base Price 50 S.
r320Base Price 30 S. r335Base Price 100 S.
r321Base Price 40 S. r336Base Price 100 S.
r330Base Price 25 S. r337Base Price 100 S.
r331Base Price 50 S. r338Base Price 50 S.
r332Base Price 100 S. r339Base Price 100 S.
In paragraph r333, dice roll 4, the base price results quoted
in there should be multiplied by ten (additional die roll of 4
means 1,000 S, 5 means 2,000 S, and 6 means 10,000 S).

Dennis Sustare has granted permission for digitized copies
of this copyrighted game to be posted for public download.
The game and files are NOT released into the public domain.
You MAY NOT not sell these files or charge a fee for access to them.
You MAY NOT distribute these files except as authorized by Dennis Sustare.
so that these files can remain available for free download.
By downloading any files from this page you are certifying
that you will abide by the terms of this distribution agreement.
All of these conditions must be posted prominently and openly
on any page or site providing access to these files.

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Thanks to Eric Hanuise for invaluable assistance in creating, adapting and editing files!
Thanks to Ron Shirtz for creating the record sheets!

The Hanuise Files
Rules Booklet Map Tiles
* Complete 517k pdf file Map Tile A 174k jpeg image
Brochure format 982k pdf file Map Tile B 142k jpeg image
Complete 313k Open doc Map Tile C 156k jpeg image
Map Tile D 149k jpeg image
Events Booklet Map Tile E 176k jpeg image
* Complete 419k pdf file Map Tile F 163k jpeg image
Brochure format 860k pdf file Map Tile G 143k jpeg image
Complete 209k Open doc Map Tile H 155k jpeg image
Map Tile I 159k jpeg image
All Components Map Tile J 168k jpeg image
* Complete 2324k pdf file Map Tile K 178k jpeg image
Asteroids 149k jpeg image
Complete 46k jpeg image
Duke 7k jpeg image
Starship 7k jpeg image
Boat 3k jpeg image
Skimmer 6k jpeg image

Record Sheets by Ron Shirtz
* Crew Roster and Time Record 19k pdf file

Raw Scans
Rules Booklet Events Booklet
Page 1 181k jpeg image Page 1 270k jpeg image
Pages 2-3 513k jpeg image Pages 2-3 557k jpeg image
Pages 4-5 559k jpeg image Pages 4-5 546k jpeg image
Pages 6-7 579k jpeg image Pages 6-7 541k jpeg image
Pages 8-9 573k jpeg image Pages 8-9 524k jpeg image
Pages 10-11 559k jpeg image Pages 10-11 546k jpeg image
Pages 12-13 516k jpeg image Pages 12-13 553k jpeg image
Pages 14-15 547k jpeg image Pages 14-15 549k jpeg image
Pages 16-17 548k jpeg image Pages 16-17 539k jpeg image
Pages 18-19 567k jpeg image Pages 18-19 490k jpeg image
Pages 20-21 548k jpeg image Pages 20-21 523k jpeg image
Pages 22-23 556k jpeg image Pages 22-23 546k jpeg image
Pages 24-25 537k jpeg image Pages 24-25 519k jpeg image
Pages 26-27 553k jpeg image Pages 26-27 522k jpeg image
Pages 28-29 555k jpeg image Pages 28-29 573k jpeg image
Pages 30-31 582k jpeg image Pages 30-31 543k jpeg image
Pages 32-33 570k jpeg image Pages 32-33 507k jpeg image
Pages 34-35 513k jpeg image Pages 34-35 542k jpeg image
Pages 36-37 249k jpeg image Pages 36-37 509k jpeg image
Pages 38-39 391k jpeg image Pages 38-39 569k jpeg image
Pages 40-41 410k jpeg image Pages 40-41 505k jpeg image
Pages 42-43 447k jpeg image Pages 42-43 557k jpeg image
Pages 44-45 543k jpeg image Pages 44-45 548k jpeg image
Pages 46-47 95k jpeg image Pages 46-47 151k jpeg image
Page 48 129k jpeg image
Map Tiles Complete 81k jpeg image
6 map tiles 1222k jpeg image
6 map tiles 1203k jpeg image

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