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Vehicle Disadvantages variant created by Matt

Vehicle Disadvantages for Renegade Nuns on Wheels!

Because a decent set of wheels can be costly, the Lord's Own School of Automotive Safety and Aesthetics has created the following set of disadvantages so that Renegade Nun characters can start the game with something better than a Chevette. These disadvantages are applied just like character disadvantages except that it's the vehicle that gets stuck with the flaw, and the point bonus can be spent only on vehicle creation. Starting disadvantages can never be repaired by the use of Grease Monkey or other skills but may only be bought off by spending experience points equal to their point worth. Sample disadvantages, and the vehicles to which they apply, follow.

Vehicle type abbreviations:

M - Motorcycle
T - Three-Wheeler
C - Car, 4 or 2-seater
V - Van or Bookmobile
J - Jeep

Format: Disadvantage (permissible vehicle types), points

Extraordinarily Tacky (C, V), 3

This vehicle is possessed of (or by) an absolutely *hideous* paint job. Fuzzy dice and low- rider wheels would be an improvement. Driving this car attracts unwanted and frequently rude attention. You can be spotted from miles away and anyone trying to shoot at your vehicle has a bonus of +1 because it stands out like a gay bar in Utah.

Gas-Guzzler (C4, V), 5

Made in Detroit, by slaves for rich people. How you got stuck with it must be plain bad luck. Count on this baby getting about 12 mpg, and gas ain't easy to come by. Once per adventure your trusty auto can be trusted to run out of gas at a crucial moment. Whouldn'tcha know it, the gas gauge sticks, too...

Muffler from Hell (M, T, C, V), 2

First and foremost, the *player* who drives this car must make loud "VROOOOM VROOOM" and "SCREEEEEECH!" noises during the game for the sake of "realism." And don't expect to sneak up on anyone... or even get out of town unnoticed.

No Brakes (C, V), 5

A doozy. No Brakes means exactly what you're used to it meaning (usually heard when that crazy-assed friend of yours shouts it as you're steaming down hill towards a busy intersection.) It's not that the brakes on this car *never* work, just that they ain't so hot... Decelerate at half the normal rate for a vehicle of your size and power. A skilled driver can make a Drive Things roll to offset this problem with a snazzy skid - but if you exercise this option and fail the roll than you're completely brake-less and out of control, to boot.

Offensive Bumper Stickers (C, V, J), 2-3

Choose your stickers. These work a little like making your car an Outlaw (see Outlaw disadvantage.) Whatever the stickers say, they're sure to cheese off some other drivers who will attempt to ram you off the road, or follow you home and kill your dog. Multiple offensive bumper stickers, or real doozies, are worth the extra point.

Scotch-Tape Locks (C, V), 3

You just can't get the damn doors to lock. Any bozo with hot-wiring skill can waltz away with your car. Or leave unfriendly surprises (sacks of smelly meat, time-bombs, crazy cousin Enid) on the back seat.

Side-Paneling (V), 2

Just like that hideous station wagon you grew up with! Besides the embarrassment factor (Looks are minus 2 for any "curb-crawling" attempts), side paneling subtracts one from the value of any side armor.

"Special" Starter (M, T, C, V), 5

The damn thing is finicky about when it starts, that's all. Some jerk is trying to drive away with your car while you're asleep in the motel and it starts up like a dream. But there's a gang of armed desperados coming around the corner with images of your head on a stick dancing before their eyes and... sputter... sputter. Both the Swearing and Pray Like Hell skills can improve your chances of starting your car. In order to start the car you need to make a successful Drive Things or Do Technical Stuff roll with the following modifiers:
    Mildly dangerous situation: -1
    Really dangerous situation: -2
    The world is ending: -3
    Hideously embarrassing situation: -4

Suspension? What Suspension? (T, J, C2), 5

The smallest bump in the road and you're airborne. It may require a combination of Drive Things and Fly Things skills to operate this vehicle. If the vehicle is an open-bed four- wheeler or a cycle, things go bouncing out onto the road, including passengers! Also, firing weapons from a moving vehicle with this disadvantage is always done at -2.

Wheelie-Prone (M, T), 2

You just never know when that front wheel is liable to come off the ground. It's like your bike is trying to impress somebody. Unfortunately a surprise wheelie will dislodge the unsuspecting rider unless she makes Grab Things roll, and she'd better hope her backpack wasn't open.

Wide Load (V), 2

This disadvantage is most frequently found attached to Bookmobile units from large libraries. It means you've got one big-ass truck. Probably a gas-guzzler, too. Just cornering properly requires a successful Drive Things roll; you clip down mailboxes and traffic signs on the side of the road, and forget about parallel parking.

Other mechanical and aesthetic boo-boos should be considered; just remember to make them silly, significant, and cheap. After all, a good set of wheels only costs a third or a half of a good starting character. Don't let characters take more than a couple of vehicle disadvantages - it should still cost to have a set of wheels. Or let them take as many as they want, but let them find out for themselves that 3 or more vehicle disadvantages adds up to a kind of automotive "critical mass." Meaning: one bad roll and you're sitting on a chair surrounded by wheels and nothing else.

Food for thought: Does the Topheavy disadvantage affect Wheelie-Prone?

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