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Optional character class for Macho Women with Guns

Rules sources marked as follows:
OR - original rules, MT - Matt's rules, TM - The Mav's rules, MM - both Matt and Mav

CLASS: Killer Kung-Fu Cyber-Clones (Macho Women with Alliteration) (MT)

That chick who always beats the crap out of you near the end of the Nintendo game. These deadly look-alike women may have been created in a secret government laboratory in order to protect and serve the embattled (male) world leaders - in an effort that went terribly wrong when the Cyber-Clones took one look at their 'masters' and said "Sod this, I'm going top-side where all the action is." Alternately, they may have been created by aliens or by technically oriented Macho Women looking for laughs. They make poor armies anyway, as they're usually too snotty to get along.

ASSETS: The only characters who can use the skill Hit Things Really Hard. Using this skill they do double damage with hands and feet, and can choose whether or not to make it lethal damage. If they Dodge successfully they get to apply the full amount by which they made their Dodge roll to any opponents' attacks without penalty to their own hit rolls.

LIABILTIIES: Cannot use big guns and lose their special abilities (see above) if they are encumbered. Since they all look alike they can make things confusing.

Skills usable by Cyber-Clones

Format: Skill (Source)

Beat Things with Whip (OR)
Blow Things Up (OR)
Cavort About (OR)
Climb Things (MT)
Do Technical Stuff (OR)
Fly Things (OR)
Gambling (OR)
Grab Stuff (OR)
Hit Things (OR)
Hit Things Really Hard (MT)
Hit Things Twice (MT)
Hit Things with Other Things (OR)
Interrogate (OR)
Know Weak Spot (MT)
Patch Things Up (OR)
Perform Anatomically Impossible Feat (OR)
Pretend and Lie (OR)
Run in High Heels (OR)
Seduce Creature (OR)
Shoot Little Guns (OR)
Shoot Two Guns (TM)
Sneak Around (OR)
Spot Obvious (OR)
Submission Hold (MT)
Swinging (OR)
Take It On the Chin (OR)
Throw Things (OR)
Tie Things Down (OR)

Advantages usable by Cyber-Clones

Format: Advantage, Point Cost (Source)

Artificial Limb, 10 (MT)
Built-in Weapon, 5 (MT)
Cyber Pet, 10 (MT)
Extra Life, 10 (OR)
Fast Draw, 10 (OR)
Handbag of Holding, 10 (OR)
Infrared Vision, 3 (OR)
Look Good in Armor, varies (OR)
Mutant Ability, varies (OR)
Play Dead, 5 (MT)
Plastic Surgeon on Retainer, 10 (OR)
Run (or Fly) Like Hell, varies (MT)
Scriptwriter, 5 (OR)
Supercool, 5 (MT)
Teflon Skin, 5 (OR)
Weathergirl, 5 (MT)

Disadvantages usable by Cyber-Clones

Format: Disadvantage, Point Bonus (Source)

Alien Babe, 5 (OR)
Boyfriend, 10 (MT)
Chafing, 10 (OR)
Conservative Dresser, 20 (OR)
Depression, 10 (OR)
Embarrassing Habit, 5 (MT)
Fairness, 5 (OR)
Hardwired, 5 (OR)
Mutant Disadvantage, 10 (OR)
Mysterious Programming, 10 (MT)
Nasty War Syndrome, 10 (MT)
Non-Intellect, 20 (OR)
Outlaw, 10/15/20 (MT)
Personal Weakness, 10 (OR)
Physical Disability, varies (MT)
Secret Love, 5 (OR)
Significant Birthmark, 5 (MT)
Topheavy, 5 (OR)

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