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Doby Daenger, Macho Celeb

Sample characters for Macho Women with Guns

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Rules sources marked as follows:
OR - original rules, MT - Matt's rules, TM - The Mav's rules, MM - both Matt and Mav

Disclaimer for misguided lawyers, critics and whining fans:
The statistics here are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to accurately portray any real person, celebrity, or other litigious being outside of the Macho Women with Guns universe.

HOT!  Don't touch! Dana Scully - Gillian Anderson (MT)

Macho Librarian with Gun - Administration

Strength: 11, Dexterity: 11, Macho: 14, Intelligence: 16, Looks: 13, Health: 10

Skills: Blow Things Up, Do Technical Stuff +3, Hit Things, Interrogate +1,
Shoot Little Guns +1, Spot Obvious +4, Take Charge +2
Disadvantages: Conservative Dresser, Obsessive Quest, Fairness, Loves to Read

No, my name does not start with Z! Xena, Warrior Princess - Lucy Lawless (MT)

Barbarian Princess (duh!)

Strength: 13, Dexterity: 12, Macho: 15, Looks: 12, Health: 13

Skills: Beat Things with Whip +1, Cavort About +1, Hit Things +2, Hit Things Twice +2, Hit Things with Other Things +4, Interrogate +1, Perform Anatomically Impossible Feat (such as triple back flips that cover 30 feet... isn't TV great?), Throw Things +5
Advantages: Ambiguous Relationship (and how), Extra Life (she should have about 6 of these), Look Good in Armor 2
Disadvantages: Embarrassing Habit (yelps during combat), Obsessive Quest (must have one adventure every week), Outlaw Level 3 (everybody wants Xena), Depression, Fairness

She's not really bat-winged! Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (MT)

Bat-Winged Bimbo from Hell

Strength: 10, Dexterity: 10, Macho: 12, Looks: 14, Health: 12

Skills: Beat Things with Whip +1, Cavort About, Demonic Giggle +2, Distort Reality +2,
Fly Things, Hit Things +1, Hit Things with Other Things, Shoot Little Guns +1,
Seduce Creature +2, Shoot Big Guns +1
Advantages: Bat Wings, Vampirism, Scriptwriter, Press-on-Claws, Hotline
Disadvantages: Bimbo, Top-Heavy, Embarrassing Habit (B-movies),
Outlaw (wanted by the PTA for propogating bad movies)

...and the Banshees Siouxsie (MT)

Killer Kung-Fu Cyber Clone

Strength: 10, Dexterity: 12, Macho: 14, Looks: 16, Health: 10

Skills: Beat Things with Whip +2, Cavort About +2, Hit Things Really Hard +3, Seduce Creature +2
Advantages: Supercool, Teflon Skin, Extra Life
Disadvantages: Boyfriend (Sensitive Artist), Status Conscious, Hyperactive Hormones

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