Optional character class for Macho Women with Guns

Rules sources marked as follows:
OR - original rules, MT - Matt's rules, TM - The Mav's rules, MM - both Matt and Mav

CLASS: BARBARIAN PRINCESSES (Macho Women without Guns) (MT)

You know the type: Xena: Warrior Princess, Red Sonja, and so on. Frequently with some kind of simmering grudge or endless quest, these warrior maidens enjoy knocking the hell out of men and other icky things. There is no rational explanation for their archaic language and dress. Maybe they're alien babes; maybe they slipped into our dimension when things got weird. Since they don't fit in very well, Barbarian Princesses think of everybody who hangs with them as 'followers.'

ASSETS: All points spent on Hit Things with Other Things and Throw Things are doubled, rounded down - i.e: level +3 costs 7 points instead of 15; 5 points buys level +2 instead of +1. Start out with base health of 12 instead of 10 and can carry half their Strength in Enc. without being encumbered.

LIABILITIES: Can't use guns! Also, if they want to wear armor they are restricted to 'old armor' and must buy Look Good in Armor, but the first level is free.

Skills usable by Barbarian Princesses

Format: Skill (Source)

Beat Things with Whip (OR)
Cavort About (OR)
Fly Things (OR)
Gambling (OR)
Grab Stuff (OR)
Hit Things (OR)
Hit Things Twice (MT)
Hit Things with Other Things (OR)
Interrogate (OR)
Know Weak Spot (MT)
Patch Things Up (OR)
Perform Anatomically Impossible Feat (OR)
Recruit Follower (MT)
Run in High Heels (OR)
Seduce Creature (OR)
Spot Obvious (OR)
Submission Hold (MT)
Swinging (OR)
Take It On the Chin (OR)
Throw Things (OR)
Tie Things Down (OR)

Advantages usable by Barbarian Princesses

Format: Advantage, Point Cost (Source)

Deflect Bullets, 20 (MT)
Extra Life, 10 (OR)
Handbag of Holding, 10 (OR)
Hard Drinking, 5 (OR)
Look Good in Armor, varies (OR)
Pet, 10+ (OR)
Run (or Fly) Like Hell, varies (MT)
Scream for Help, 10 (MT)
Scriptwriter, 5 (OR)
Teflon Skin, 5 (OR)
Weathergirl, 5 (MT)

Disadvantages usable by Barbarian Princesses

Format: Disadvantage, Point Bonus (Source)

Alien Babe, 5 (OR)
Awful Family, 5 (MT)
Balancing Priorities, 10 (OR)
Boyfriend, 10 (MT)
Chafing, 10 (OR)
Depression, 10 (OR)
Embarrassing Habit, 5 (MT)
Fairness, 5 (OR)
Hardwired, 5 (OR)
Nasty War Syndrome, 10 (MT)
Non-Intellect, 20 (OR)
Obsessive Quest, 10 (MT)
Outlaw, 10/15/20 (MT)
Personal Weakness, 10 (OR)
Physical Disability, varies (MT)
Secret Love, 5 (OR)
Significant Birthmark, 5 (MT)
Topheavy, 5 (OR)

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